Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Good news for iPhone and Samsung galaxy smartphone users

latest iPhone user
latest Samsung mobiles
With hundreds of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile stores nationwide, we're confident we can help with your latest cell phone problems. Click here to find a use full information that can help you find best Mobile Phone Repair Shop nearest you! be confident that you are getting the best mobile repair service at the lowest price around

If you are not near Official Apple Store or don't want to send your iPhone to local area mobile repair shop we can help you Find the best mobile repairing store near you to fix your iPhone hardware and software problems

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Some Useful Tips for Mobile Repairing Student

Repair Software Mobile phone
customer sim and memory card safely
When you accept any mobile phone for repairs from a customer at the shop or with your reference, always make it a point to keep the customer SIM and memory card safely. It would be better if you do this in a step by step organized manner such as keep it in a separate small box with the customer’s name and or model of the mobile phone or the number of the receipt which you may have issued to the mobile phone customer. This will make it easy for you when the customer asks it to be returned his phone. You will not have to rummage through your drawer wasting your time in looking for customers mobile phones in your shop.

Ensure that the data of the mobile phone customer is secure during software repairing

When you repair a mobile phone, make sure that you do not delete the data unless required any software repairing in customer mobile phone. Because in some cases, the data is much more important than the mobile phone itself. If it absolutely necessary, take a backup of the customer data and it is utmost necessary to take the customer’s consent before hard resetting or formatting the mobile phone in software fault.

For more information, You should also read Important Tips For Phone Repair Technicians for safety measures to be followed by cell phone repair course students.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Phone Repair PDF Notes for Samsung Galaxy Repairing

If you wish to learn latest Samsung mobile repairing in general or planning a career in Samsung phone repairing, this notes can be of a lot of help for you. Detailed approach to a layout, troubleshooting, solution diagram step by step instructions makes it one of the best self-help notes available in the given category

Those All Lectures Notes and Videos is also available In other languages

learn how to get certified to fix Samsung galaxy phones problems watch out this Samsung phone notes and repairing videos to learn how to repair any Samsung galaxy phone with solution diagrams by the professional's technician of Samsung galaxy latest phones.You will find videos starting from all about parts of a Samsung phone circuit, Samsung mobile printed circuit broad tear down, how to use a digital multimeter for fault tracing on Samsung mobile and how to use a digital power supply for volt checking on a faulty latest Samsung mobiles interested people are requested to fill the application form

this article link. To know where we can get a particular free pdf notes and guides to repair phones from all manufacturers cell phone brands troubleshooting, repair, and service manual online solutions can be a very good guide for anyone around the world

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Education Block Diagrams

creative diagrams and flow chart
maps Concept
As well as describing linear system processes and patterns of product life-cycles or customer behavior, Education block diagrams can describe more free-form, creative diagrams and flow chart for educational purposes - connecting thematic ideas and structuring concepts into a visual hierarchy for effective understanding and the new style of learning. Diagrams of this form, which can include mind maps and concept maps, bring a collaborative element to learning whereby subjects can be 'brainstormed' by people within a group in education department
Mind maps, concept maps, and conceptual graphs are all concerned with learning through this new visualization techniques. Key areas of information regarding a subject are identified, and the Education diagram shows the relationship and relevance to each other.
Cycle flow chart and visualization, or life cycle charts, are an effective way of showing repeated processes found in nature, weather cycles for example.
Education Tree diagrams express hierarchy within a subject; for instance the family tree of a monarchy, or branches of language and their subsequent dialects.

Education Software Programs

Not many Education software programs can claim to offer solutions for all the tasks mentioned or are capable of such diverse functionality as to handle complex designs to color in a variety of formats.
CS Odessa LLC has devoted a number of years to ensuring that ConceptDraw PRO offers value in all these situations; for producing informative educational materials, professional looking system analysis, or constructing complex business processes, and much more besides. A large portion of ConceptDraw Solution Park Corel Draw Manga Studio room is devoted entirely to the principle of Education block diagrams in all its varied forms - each individual solution contains their own vector stencil libraries, full of task specific icons and templates, sample documents that provide a reference to the capabilities of the all Education solution, as well as a host of associated help and how-to material (text and video).

Monday, 20 March 2017

Shopping for a Best Phone Service Provider

Looking for the best cellular service provider in Karachi Pakistan can be challenging when there are many companies that could be your potential mobile phone service provider. It is important to do your research before making a final choice because the mobile phone cellular service provider you choose will most likely make you sign a 24 month contract.

If you are not familiar with a particular service provider there are many things that you should know about. We have pointed out some of the most crucial points you should consider when looking for the best mobile phone service provider. By following these important points you will find the best deals, coverage, and superior customer service.

package plan that suits your phone needs

phone package plan
local regional needs

How often do you think you will be using your mobile phone? Estimating your usage will be important because you will need to find a plan that suits your mobile needs. Going over minutes on your package plan will cost you a lot more than you would expect. You will want a mobile phone provider that offers reasonable rates for the amount of time you will be using it.

2G, 3G and 4G internet with a special web browser

2G, 3G and 4G internet
offers rates packages

Today mobile phones have the capability to surf the 2g and 3g internet with a special web browser. If you would like to access the internet from your cellular phone you should consider a mobile phone provider that offers reasonable web rates packages. There are some very fairly priced unlimited talk, text and 4g plans popping up out there, especially in the pre paid sector.

texting short message service unlimited

Texting or SMS short message service is becoming more and more popular and in many instances sms can replace a mobile call. Finding a mobile phone service provider that offers flexible or unlimited sms plans may be one of your concerns if you will be writing a lot of text messages. If you plan on texting more than voice calling then find a plan that offers unlimited texting.

cellular regional and national plans 

If you live in a rural area you will want to find a cellular service that has towers in your home location. If you deal with a service provider that is online you can usually just type in your zip code and the provider will be able to tell you if they have coverage in your home area. Most plans are divided into local, regional, or country national plans. Also if you plan on moving you may want a regional service plan. If you talk to family or friends across the country, or business clients from other countries than a country national plan may be for you.

Do not get stuck in a contract with a mobile phone service provider that you do not want to deal with a year or three years down the line. Usually you will sign a one or three year contract and you want to make sure you are with a internal Verizon, t mobile, and at&t companies and here in Pakistan jazz, ufone, telenor, warid, and zong company that offers great customer service and reliability.

In order to find the best provider please considers the tips we have mentioned in this article. It is also important to shop around. Do not settle with the first service provider you find because there may be better deals from other service providers. There is a cellular Verizon, t mobile, at&t, jazz, telenor, and warid service provider out there for everyone it is wise to research when choosing a mobile phone service provider.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Guide to Repair iPhone and iPad the Latest book to Extending the Life of Your iDevices!

If you are a user of iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 Plus and would like to know more about apple iPhones features, tips tricks and news update about iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 Plus please explore this article links. To know the functions and features of your iDevices

Fix your own iPhone, iPad with secret repair knowledge Apple doesn’t want you to have! This book shows you how to resurrect expensive Apple phone or iDevices you thought were dead for good, and save a fortune.

Apple iDevices iPhone, iPad, and iPod Fault Finding Approach

step-by-step guide to repair iPhone
iPhone Latest book
finding the exact problem/fault in the Apple iDevices by book. Different testing instruments Guide like the digital multimeter, hot air station and power supply etc are used in the book topics. The technician should practice reading iPhone 6 circuit diagrams to achieve expertise in practical repairing.

Apple iPhone Repair book also imparts Apple iDevices problems practical solutions the example diagram flow charts easy to understand categories makes online learning an easy process and able to diagnose troubleshooting and repair any iDevices circuit and its basic electronic ebooks for Apple iDevices here

Apple iPhone Repair Technician

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repairing troubleshooting
Apple iDevices circuit diagrams
Apple iPhone Repair Technician Muhammad Asif Azeemi demystifies everything about iDevice repairing, presenting simple, step-by-step procedures detailed full-color photos.

He’ll walk you through safely taking apart your apple iDevice, replacing what’s broken, and reliably reassembling it. You’ll learn where to get the tools and exactly how to use them. Muhammad Asif even reveals sources for broken Apple devices you can fix at low cost--for yourself, or even for resale!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What is Social Networking and its Advantages

Do you still remember your school days? Were you involved with any particular group of friends? How did you guys get involved with each other in the first place? By simply starting a conversation of course! If I had to guess, I would go on and say that you and your particular group of friends shared the same interest which then lead to the conversation on that particular topic. Now, what is Social Networking? Social Networking is basically the same thing, except a million times more powerful.Imagine having the ability to converse with an extremely LARGE community of people that share the same interest rather than a small community of students at your old school. You would also be able to pick out the ones that really relate to you instead of just having to make do with what you have offline. Wouldn't that be AWESOME? Of course it would!

Free Social Networking Sites

Through the birth of these Social Networking sites online, you are granted the freedom to choose who you would want to hang out or share stories with ALL from the comfort of your own home!
During the early days of the Social Networks, MySpace was a powerhouse. It was new, exciting and every teenager needed to have one. It was such an innovative way to keep in contact with friends INSIDE and OUTSIDE of school. The ability and freedom to personalize your space was something that was unheard of and clearly was something a lot of people wanted. Now ironically, MySpace was just a thing of the past (holy crap it hasn't even been that long too!) and people have decided moved on to the more "in" Social Networking sites.

Facebook for Build Connections in

FACEBOOK. Now this goes without saying, if you're on the internet right now, then you most probably have a Facebook account also (ahem, you wouldn't mind sparing a like to my Facebook page to the right now would you? wink But my question is, how have you been using Facebook? Are your friend list filled with only the people you know? (which is totally okay if you're the type that are not comfortable socializing with strangers) or are you utilizing Facebook to build connections with POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL people that could elevate your credibility and  cough popularity cough both online and offline?
I have only just realized this fact myself, and honestly I am an introvert. I ABSOLUTELY despise socializing (nah just kidding, not ABSOLUTELY:P) and I have never been great around people. Also did you notice how many CAPS words I've used on this article so far? It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me being an introvert
Now, now, I don't want you to start getting irritated so I'll sum it all up real quick.
I've discovered that Social Networking works best if you share the fun and interesting side of you. People get on the Internet to break out from the repetitive cycle of the real world, and are constantly looking for fun and socialable stuff to keep them entertained, which is why YouTube and Facebook are the two most visited sites in the world.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Htc Droid Incredible vs Motorola Droid Phone Verizon Which One You Buy in Hyderabad

verizon htc droid incredible 4g lte
 OLED LCD phone
Since the HTC Droid Incredible 4g was launched last year, it has been interesting to compare it with the previous smartphone: the latest Motorola Droid Although most people say that the HTC Droid Incredible outpoints the Moto Motorola Droid, it is useful for us to know the comparison more details as follows:

Display Droid Incredible

With the latest android touchscreen technology: OLED, the HTC Droid Incredible 4g is better than the moto Motorola Droid that sports LCD. We notice the better comparison of both OLED screens if it is faced up to a direct sunlight. LCDs are quite literally pale in comparison to the brightness and vibrancy of a quality OLED.

Latest Processor Snapdragon

For the processor, I think 1GHz Qualcomm latest Snapdragon that is embedded in HTC Droid Incredible is the more powerful than the latest 550Mhz Arm Cortex A8 processor. With 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, the Incredible become very responsive to the applications.

Dual Led Flash Camera

In this section, the HTC Droid Incredible is still the winner over the Motorola Droid. Not only it has Incredible 4g 8-megapixel camera but also the camera comes with dual-LED flash, autofocus, and on-the-fly adjustments for brightness, contrast, and ISO level, which give it the leg up on the Motorola Droid's admittedly very competent cam.

Verizon Software Update

Both smartphones use Android os. Although the HTC Droid Incredible still comes with Android 2.1 version (the latest is the Android 2.2 version), it still beats the Motorola Droid that runs the Android 2.1.

Droid Incredible Memory

Both smartphones HTC Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid offer expandable memory with Android extra microSD slot, but for internal memory, the Motorola Droid comes with 16GB over 8GB of the Incredible that has only 8GB.

Battery Life Standby Time

The Moto Motorola Droid claims have lithium ion battery that rates up to 385 minutes of standby time and 270 of standby time. You can compare it with HTC's Incredible battery that only rates up to 312 minutes of call talk time and 146 hours of standby time.

Droid Incredible Bottom Line 

With a Both smartphones similar price around $ 200, the HTC Droid Incredible 4g is better than the Motorola Droid. We know it from several key features such as a display, camera, software and processor that win over the Motorola Droid but of course, everyone has their own preferences. So, which one do you like best?

Mobilerepairingonline is a cell phone reviewer, especially for New Phones Reviews. You can find more insights and groundbreaking review of any types of smartphones and basic guide before you buy latest Smartphone or other Android phones

Friday, 9 December 2016

Android Phone Repair Book Part One

hardware and software of the android phones have also been discussed in detail. Common problems which usually occur in almost all kinds of the smartphone along with their solution have been discussed in detail in this Android Phone Repair book. Whether you have some or no experience in the field of android phone repair, this Android Phone Repair book can be a very good guide for anyone around the world. Both beginners and experienced people can rely on the Android Phone Repair book for success in the career of android phone and tablets repairing

The book Android Phone Repair is available online

Android Repair Book Part One
android phones and tablets
Now Get Online Free Android Repairing Book A Limited time offer for beginners and experienced technicians of android phones and tablets.So hurry up avail this offer now visit or Call on Whats app +92-312-2906096

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

nokia lumia 520 review Best Affordable Smartphone

Review Nokia Lumia 520 is making its name as the most affordable android phone with all the features it offers. It has a generous 4 inch 480 x 800 display and is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon best S4 processor and 512MB of RAM which is satisfiable given the price and the Lumia phone run smoothly with hardly any lag.
Nokia Lumia family
Lumia phone

Priced around $100, this Lumia mobile phone stands out from the crowd with all the vibrant color cases it has on offer. It shares its looks with the higher end smartphone models and is good to look at and feel. Of all the pluses this smartphone has, the significant one has to be that you can use the Lumia phone while wearing gloves which appeals to people living in colder regions.

Nokia Lumia 520 Physical Buttons

The right edge of the handset houses all of the Lumia phone's physical buttons, with a volume buttons rocker at the top, a Lumia power button near the middle and a camera button near the bottom. The Nokia Lumia layout works well, with the buttons spaced far enough to prevent confusion. The left edge is devoid of any features, ports or buttons at all. The top is home only to a 3.5mm headphone port on the left-hand side. The bottom edge has a micro USB port in the center, which is used for charging or connecting the Nokia Lumia 520 to laptops.
Nokia Lumia 520
4-inch display

Nokia Lumia 520 is a Nokia Lumia Family Member

Operating Nokia Lumia family and the Nokia Lumia 520 is a fairly painless user experience. Swiping around the various touch screens is smooth and responsive, while the 4-inch display is plenty big enough to do most things comfortably. While it's only 480 x 800, the display also has a good enough output resolution to prevent tiles and menus becoming a blur.

Text messages on the Nokia Lumia 520 are handled by the Nokia Lumia store Messaging app, which is much like the equivalent apps that you'd find on an Android smartphones or Apple iPhone. If you swipe sideways from the threads screen you reach an area called Online, which lets you chat with best friends from linked messaging services and social networks, such as Facebook or Whatsapp so that is a huge plus.

The Nokia camera on the Nokia Lumia 520 is pretty basic, you get a 5MP sensor on the Lumia back, but it doesn't have any flash and there's no front-facing the Nokia Lumia 520 camera at all.

If you look past the fact that its a Nokia windows phone, this is the best Smartphone you can buy for the price and it is easy to use with all the features like 4g WiFi, Bluetooth, and a decent camera.