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60 Days Mobile Repairing Training in Karachi with Affordable Fees

Is it possible that an all mobile repairing courses complete in 60 days?

If you are thinking if a mobile repairing course is completed within 60days then you are absolutely right. Yes, this is possible. Home Computer Tutor Institute offers mobile repairing courses whose duration is maximum 60 days. It seems a very short time period to teach students computer technician. It is a short span where technicians are taught about how to repair different types of smartphones. Home Computer Tutor has made it easy to become a smartphone repair technician. By offering a course of 60 days, it is convenient for students and part-time job seekers to join.

What are the benefits of 60 days all smartphone repairing courses?

Mobile repairing courses have multiple benefits. If I start counting the advantages of these courses, the list would never end. This 60 days duration of the courses is the biggest highlight of online Mobile Institute. No other Smartphone institute offers such a small duration course with excellence and affordable fees. It is a short-term duration course. A student can easily join this 60 days Smartphone repair course because he does not have to look up for his schedule. Plus, this will result in him in his future career making process. Generally, these all courses extend to six months minimum. This extensive course is 60 days. Along with it, the mobile repairing online institute ensures the course to be successful. You will definitely turn a smartphone repair technician.

Mobile Repairing Course Institute list in Karachi

Mobile Repairing Course Institute list in Karachi
smartphone course institute

Karachi has the list of the institute which offers the mobile repairing course, but when it comes to quality teaching and providing placement assistance no place is better than MRO.

There is some famous institutions like INFRA & MITI Institute, they are just named. The fees are too high and they continuously asking fees after taking a couple of classes. “Only the perception of status is high but the reality is something else.” “uchi dukaan phika pakwan”.
you can visit and read the students comments about those institutes on their websites.

There are few institutes who are offering quality training for smartphone repair.

Here is the list:

Mobile Repairing online
Infra Professional Training Center
Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI)
Institute of Technical and Professional Education(AGT)

Mobile Repairing online is providing placement assistance and fees are low as compared to other institutes in Karachi Pakistan. Become Engineer in 2 Months. 100% placement assistance. Live Training on Dead Smartphones. Micro Soldering & Desoldering Techqniues and many more. If you want to open your own Business then MRO institute also provide Support.

Brand Mobile Repairing Online Offer

mobile repairing online is a Smartphone Institute a brand name which offers mobile phone repairing courses. The institute is SBTE certified and is very well known for its courses and services. There are certain features which are unique to this smartphone course institute. If you are searching for the best institute, contact mobile repairing online repairing and training center join at once all mobile repairing courses.MRO Institute is a brand which when associated with your name, will do wonders. Getting a degree or certification from this center will place you in a reputed Vivo and Oppo mobile company or MNC.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

What is iPhone Micro soldering?

With mobile phones getting smaller and smaller and more and more expensive, sometimes fixing these phones are more beneficial than replacing them.  mobile Devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire that cost less than $100 are usually not worth the time to repair, but iPhones and iPads that cost $300+ with a broken $2 chip or connector makes sense to repair instead of buying a new one.

So what is smartphone micro soldering?  Micro soldering is the act of soldering components so small that they can only be seen through a microscope.  These small components usually consist of transistors, resistors, non-polar capacitors, inductors, connectors, microchips, etc.  They fit all around a Samsung and iPhone logic board with multiple layers into a teeny tiny little space and produce things like smartphones and tablets and even little computers.

For example, look at an Apple iPhone logic board and then one zoomed in about 200x:

iPhone components soldering
support for small business

Now imagine trying to place a small bead of solder iron on one of those small components.  Nearly impossible without a microscope and a soldering iron with a pencil tip or a soldering tweezer.

Gone are the days of big CRT TVs and VHS recorders with many moving parts.  These days, mobile devices fit in your pocket and there are zero moving parts inside of the latest Smartphone.

We’re aiming for a complete course teaching everything from how to get started to fixing the iPhone and Samsung micro soldering repairs, like BGA problems
learn about some real-life examples on how to diagnose a support for small business

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tips To Avoid Spending Too Much Time On Your Smartphones in 2018

visualize what the world is coming to. Humans today cannot be visualized without a smartphone in hand. In fact, an individual person without a smartphone seems like a physically challenged. It has become near to impossible to separate a phone user person from his mobile phone. Even while one retires to bed everybody takes the phone with them. This smartphone era 2018 has not only come in as a necessity but has also become an addiction to the user. Such bad is the effect of it is that if everybody ever leaves it behind at our homes while going to our place of work, it compels us to go back and reach out for it.

This does not seem to us be a good sign. It is about time that one should also lend some free time to yourself, family and friends in person and not over the 2018 new phone through some app. It is the time that we break away from this clinging habit too. Time to bring back the ethics and manners that once ruled us.
too much screen time is bad
new phone through some app
Listed below are a few tips and tested techniques which will reunite us with our loved ones and also bring back the smile on your face. 

Be Time Bound Businessmen and Office Worker

Just as organized businessmen and office workers do not bring work to them in there home, make it a point to always allow the specific period of time to those who wish to converse with you via your smartphone. Let them be informed that the rest of the time you will not be available for them. This way you will not be disturbed and will be able to eat your breakfast and dinner peacefully with your near and dear ones. You will surely be glad to see the joy on their faces.

Avoid Using Smartphones Before Going to Bed at Night Time

Many people have a habit of chatting on a WhatsApp, Facebook and reading a book and watching a movie, drama before they turn into bed. This trend, we can also call it as a habit, has been taken over by our smartphone. It is about time we break away from this habit. If we have a mate it would be better if you discuss the day with her or fall into a romantic mood or just have a lively chat. To get into this it would be far better if we put our handsets on charging and divert your mind completely of it. We have listed a few manners And Etiquettes Of Using smartphones

Take a long Break going on Vacation or take a Long Drive at Saturday Sundays Holidays

If we are to go on a vacation, maybe with family or with friends on a long drive and dinner it would be a wise decision if we just leave our smartphone behind and also to be cautious just have a couple of handsets in our friends group in case we have to use the same in an emergency. Remember that we have taken a vacation to get out of all the hurly-burly and bustled, so by taking the phone along with us, we have just changed our location but are doing the same what we were doing at our homes. So enjoy the scenes and the change and leave all your worries away especially the ones that come in a package along with our smartphone.

Switch off your phone alerts and notifications

Such is the case that an alert sounding from somebody else’s smartphone makes you grab your phone to check it out. To step out of this, it is best advised that you switch off your alerts and notifications and only check into them at specific times pre-decided by you.

spend 15 minutes three times on a day on social media sites

If you think deeper, you actually do not need to spend so much time on Facebook, Gplus and twitter the likes. You can do something more productive than spending too much time on your social apps. Try to restrict yourself to just Whatsapp and a minimum of other social channels. Also, make it a point that you do not spend more than 15 minutes on each of them three times in a day.

Now that when we have withdraw bad habits, ensure that we do not prey again with our smartphones

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. and also share this post with your friends on social media sites

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Offering the Best Selection of Mobile Repair Guide News & Reviews

Now add PDF support to your mobile app today with those top step by step information about mobile phones.

Newest Mobile Devices Repairing Skills
top community

Free Mobile Repairing Course Online Urdu PDF Download

mobile service training work as a phone repairing executive, You can easily earn 20 to 40 thousand at the basic level as a trainee With training in a phone repairing institute, students get a certification that helps them in getting quick jobs in the Oppo, Q mobile, Vivo phones service centers.The course also covers mobiles repair shop business plan various aspects of the smartphone repair business like marketing, management, and financials. Enroll in a course to learn the latest skills in repairing phone problems practical solutions 2018 news update Trends

Mobile Repairing Video Training

phone repairing courses Latest Breaking News,  blogs, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Watch out these step by step phone repairing videos to learn how to repair any smartphone.Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, mobile repair Video formats in English, Urdu, and Hindi.quick click Smartphone Chip Level Repair Training then go to the Videos on the Page.

Mobile Repairing Free Books PDF Download in Urdu

This phone commercial repair guide 2018 explains mobile service manual repair jobs and android repairing picture help and detailed explanations and best tips.quick view the Mobile repairing manual right now

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Latest Samsung Sony Xperia Motorola Nokia Diagram Series

Collection of Diagrams on Latest Smartphones Series collects majority popular Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones. It integrates layout, block & Schematic key parts as colorful PCB diagrams with detailed troubleshooting methods, RF Signal flow Rx & TX diagrams with related test points and technology parameters and last parts includes power, charging, audio & processor IC schematic circuit diagram composed of separate functions original circuit diagrams. Its content is succinct and practical. It's a right choice for both technician and beginner to repair smartphones.

Phone Diagram Collection Manual

smartphones motherboard
step-by-step guides for repair phones

Latest mobile technology and some of the most advanced repairing features of the smartphones have been covered in details in this Phone Diagram Collection Manual, Topics like smartphones motherboard test point concept, step by step hardware troubleshooting, Reader will also get in-depth knowledge about all smartphone integrated circuits and all the other kinds of circuits technology used in the smartphones.If you would like to explore how Phone Diagram Collection Book Manual can benefit your smartphone repair business, please follow the link below.Download Collection of Diagram Manuals Now

Friday, 29 September 2017

The Phone Software Repairs You Probably Shouldn't Try At Home

Software problems are the easiest to repair on a smartphone, though you shouldn’t automatically assume you can fix everything. Issues with one app, in particular, can often be sorted out by uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app, which should clear out any corrupted temporary data and reset everything back to normal.
mobile software field guide
works quickly

Are You Facing Mobile App Crashes and Smartphone Slowdown Problem

If you’re noticing crashes and slowdowns more generally on your smartphone, we’ve written plenty of guides in the past on improving performance on Android devices and Linux iOS devices freeing up as much storage space as you possibly can is usually the way to go, as you can’t exactly upgrade the CPU and RAM. You should always install OS and mobile app updates too, though these days it’s pretty hard to avoid doing that.

A quick suggestion Right Now
step by step guide to Android and iOS devices

The solution of Android and IOS devices slow and freezing

The most effective and comprehensive fix for software problems and slowdowns on your smartphone is always a hard factory reset, putting your smartphone back to the way it was when you first got it before all those nonsense mobile apps and huge photo, music, and WhatsApp videos libraries took over. Smartphone hard reset It’s not difficult to do, but you need to back up all your phone data first.

how to make Android Program hard reset on smartphone fast

On Android phone and tablet devices, go to System then Reset in Settings (the version of Android device you’re using may differ slightly); on Linux iOS devices, you need to go to General and Reset Settings. After a few minutes, your iPhone iPod, and iPad will completely forget who you are, and you’ll have to start the setup process again.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Cell Phone Software Repair Video Tutorials

all mobile repairing solution website
how to repair android phone software
Each software repairing video tutorials course includes information on how to obtain software flash file and firmware's, unlocking codes at the best possible prices so if you are a beginner or at an intermediate level we can tailor a course to suit your smartphone software repairing requirements.

Cell Phone Software Repairing Course

Our Cell Phone Repair Course includes general software error repairs After completing the course you will be able to flash Q Mobiles, Chinese MTK phones, HTC phones, Motorola phones, Oppo phones, Huawei phones, Lenovo mobile phone, Sony Xperia hang, auto restart, and country code, network code, sim locks, security code unlocking, virus removing as well as major smartphone software faults.

Why join our Cell Phone Repair Software Courses

Normally if you see all the available Cell phone courses either online or classroom for Cell phone repair training, you will find that the courses are totally theoretical, covering mostly that electronics topics which are not used in Cell phones. Then there are hundreds of video tutorials available on youtube, but without understanding the basic of Cell Phone software repairing, these video tutorials are of no use.

We devised the Cell Phone Repair Course syllabus in such a way that even a secondary students, technical college, mobile telecommunication students, computer, laptop, technician, electrical and electronics engineer can start phone software repairing after completion of this course

What's The Cost of Mobile Phone Repair Course Online?

Cell Phone Repairing Courses prices are based on the knowledge ( level ) of the trainee but our standard minimum fee is only 80 us dollar per course per student.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Good news for iPhone and Samsung galaxy smartphone users

latest iPhone user
latest Samsung mobiles
With hundreds of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile stores nationwide, we're confident we can help with your latest cell phone problems. Click here to find a use full information that can help you find best Mobile Phone Repair Shop nearest you! be confident that you are getting the best mobile repair service at the lowest price around

If you are not near Official Apple Store or don't want to send your iPhone to local area mobile repair shop we can help you Find the best mobile repairing store near you to fix your iPhone hardware and software problems

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Some Useful Tips for Mobile Repairing Student

Repair Software Mobile phone
customer sim and memory card safely
When you accept any mobile phone for repairs from a customer at the shop or with your reference, always make it a point to keep the customer SIM and memory card safely. It would be better if you do this in a step by step organized manner such as keep it in a separate small box with the customer’s name and or model of the mobile phone or the number of the receipt which you may have issued to the mobile phone customer. This will make it easy for you when the customer asks it to be returned his phone. You will not have to rummage through your drawer wasting your time in looking for customers mobile phones in your shop.

Ensure that the data of the mobile phone customer is secure during software repairing

When you repair a mobile phone, make sure that you do not delete the data unless required any software repairing in customer mobile phone. Because in some cases, the data is much more important than the mobile phone itself. If it absolutely necessary, take a backup of the customer data and it is utmost necessary to take the customer’s consent before hard resetting or formatting the mobile phone in software fault.

For more information, You should also read Important Tips For Phone Repair Technicians for safety measures to be followed by cell phone repair course students.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Phone Repair PDF Notes for Samsung Galaxy Repairing

If you wish to learn latest Samsung mobile repairing in general or planning a career in Samsung phone repairing, this notes can be of a lot of help for you. Detailed approach to a layout, troubleshooting, solution diagram step by step instructions makes it one of the best self-help notes available in the given category

Those All Lectures Notes and Videos is also available In other languages

learn how to get certified to fix Samsung galaxy phones problems watch out this Samsung phone notes and repairing videos to learn how to repair any Samsung galaxy phone with solution diagrams by the professional's technician of Samsung galaxy latest phones.You will find videos starting from all about parts of a Samsung phone circuit, Samsung mobile printed circuit broad tear down, how to use a digital multimeter for fault tracing on Samsung mobile and how to use a digital power supply for volt checking on a faulty latest Samsung mobiles interested people are requested to fill the application form

this article link. To know where we can get a particular free pdf notes and guides to repair phones from all manufacturers cell phone brands troubleshooting, repair, and service manual online solutions can be a very good guide for anyone around the world