Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What is Social Networking and its Advantages

Do you still remember your school days? Were you involved with any particular group of friends? How did you guys get involved with each other in the first place? By simply starting a conversation of course! If I had to guess, I would go on and say that you and your particular group of friends shared the same interest which then lead to the conversation on that particular topic. Now, what is Social Networking? Social Networking is basically the same thing, except a million times more powerful.Imagine having the ability to converse with an extremely LARGE community of people that share the same interest rather than a small community of students at your old school. You would also be able to pick out the ones that really relate to you instead of just having to make do with what you have offline. Wouldn't that be AWESOME? Of course it would!

Free Social Networking Sites

Through the birth of these Social Networking sites online, you are granted the freedom to choose who you would want to hang out or share stories with ALL from the comfort of your own home!
During the early days of the Social Networks, MySpace was a powerhouse. It was new, exciting and every teenager needed to have one. It was such an innovative way to keep in contact with friends INSIDE and OUTSIDE of school. The ability and freedom to personalize your space was something that was unheard of and clearly was something a lot of people wanted. Now ironically, MySpace was just a thing of the past (holy crap it hasn't even been that long too!) and people have decided moved on to the more "in" Social Networking sites.

Facebook for Build Connections in

FACEBOOK. Now this goes without saying, if you're on the internet right now, then you most probably have a Facebook account also (ahem, you wouldn't mind sparing a like to my Facebook page to the right now would you? wink But my question is, how have you been using Facebook? Are your friend list filled with only the people you know? (which is totally okay if you're the type that are not comfortable socializing with strangers) or are you utilizing Facebook to build connections with POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL people that could elevate your credibility and  cough popularity cough both online and offline?
I have only just realized this fact myself, and honestly I am an introvert. I ABSOLUTELY despise socializing (nah just kidding, not ABSOLUTELY:P) and I have never been great around people. Also did you notice how many CAPS words I've used on this article so far? It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me being an introvert
Now, now, I don't want you to start getting irritated so I'll sum it all up real quick.
I've discovered that Social Networking works best if you share the fun and interesting side of you. People get on the Internet to break out from the repetitive cycle of the real world, and are constantly looking for fun and socialable stuff to keep them entertained, which is why YouTube and Facebook are the two most visited sites in the world.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Htc Droid Incredible vs Motorola Droid Phone Verizon Which One You Buy in Hyderabad

verizon htc droid incredible 4g lte
 OLED LCD phone
Since the HTC Droid Incredible 4g was launched last year, it has been interesting to compare it with the previous smartphone: the latest Motorola Droid Although most people say that the HTC Droid Incredible outpoints the Moto Motorola Droid, it is useful for us to know the comparison more details as follows:

Display Droid Incredible

With the latest android touchscreen technology: OLED, the HTC Droid Incredible 4g is better than the moto Motorola Droid that sports LCD. We notice the better comparison of both OLED screens if it is faced up to a direct sunlight. LCDs are quite literally pale in comparison to the brightness and vibrancy of a quality OLED.

Latest Processor Snapdragon

For the processor, I think 1GHz Qualcomm latest Snapdragon that is embedded in HTC Droid Incredible is the more powerful than the latest 550Mhz Arm Cortex A8 processor. With 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, the Incredible become very responsive to the applications.

Dual Led Flash Camera

In this section, the HTC Droid Incredible is still the winner over the Motorola Droid. Not only it has Incredible 4g 8-megapixel camera but also the camera comes with dual-LED flash, autofocus, and on-the-fly adjustments for brightness, contrast, and ISO level, which give it the leg up on the Motorola Droid's admittedly very competent cam.

Verizon Software Update

Both smartphones use Android os. Although the HTC Droid Incredible still comes with Android 2.1 version (the latest is the Android 2.2 version), it still beats the Motorola Droid that runs the Android 2.1.

Droid Incredible Memory

Both smartphones HTC Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid offer expandable memory with Android extra microSD slot, but for internal memory, the Motorola Droid comes with 16GB over 8GB of the Incredible that has only 8GB.

Battery Life Standby Time

The Moto Motorola Droid claims have lithium ion battery that rates up to 385 minutes of standby time and 270 of standby time. You can compare it with HTC's Incredible battery that only rates up to 312 minutes of call talk time and 146 hours of standby time.

Droid Incredible Bottom Line 

With a Both smartphones similar price around $ 200, the HTC Droid Incredible 4g is better than the Motorola Droid. We know it from several key features such as a display, camera, software and processor that win over the Motorola Droid but of course, everyone has their own preferences. So, which one do you like best?

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Android Phone Repair Book Part One

hardware and software of the android phones have also been discussed in detail. Common problems which usually occur in almost all kinds of the smartphone along with their solution have been discussed in detail in this Android Phone Repair book. Whether you have some or no experience in the field of android phone repair, this Android Phone Repair book can be a very good guide for anyone around the world. Both beginners and experienced people can rely on the Android Phone Repair book for success in the career of android phone and tablets repairing

The book Android Phone Repair is available online

Android Repair Book Part One
android phones and tablets
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

nokia lumia 520 review Best Affordable Smartphone

Review Nokia Lumia 520 is making its name as the most affordable android phone with all the features it offers. It has a generous 4 inch 480 x 800 display and is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon best S4 processor and 512MB of RAM which is satisfiable given the price and the Lumia phone run smoothly with hardly any lag.
Nokia Lumia family
Lumia phone

Priced around $100, this Lumia mobile phone stands out from the crowd with all the vibrant color cases it has on offer. It shares its looks with the higher end smartphone models and is good to look at and feel. Of all the pluses this smartphone has, the significant one has to be that you can use the Lumia phone while wearing gloves which appeals to people living in colder regions.

Nokia Lumia 520 Physical Buttons

The right edge of the handset houses all of the Lumia phone's physical buttons, with a volume buttons rocker at the top, a Lumia power button near the middle and a camera button near the bottom. The Nokia Lumia layout works well, with the buttons spaced far enough to prevent confusion. The left edge is devoid of any features, ports or buttons at all. The top is home only to a 3.5mm headphone port on the left-hand side. The bottom edge has a micro USB port in the center, which is used for charging or connecting the Nokia Lumia 520 to laptops.
Nokia Lumia 520
4-inch display

Nokia Lumia 520 is a Nokia Lumia Family Member

Operating Nokia Lumia family and the Nokia Lumia 520 is a fairly painless user experience. Swiping around the various touch screens is smooth and responsive, while the 4-inch display is plenty big enough to do most things comfortably. While it's only 480 x 800, the display also has a good enough output resolution to prevent tiles and menus becoming a blur.

Text messages on the Nokia Lumia 520 are handled by the Nokia Lumia store Messaging app, which is much like the equivalent apps that you'd find on an Android smartphones or Apple iPhone. If you swipe sideways from the threads screen you reach an area called Online, which lets you chat with best friends from linked messaging services and social networks, such as Facebook or Whatsapp so that is a huge plus.

The Nokia camera on the Nokia Lumia 520 is pretty basic, you get a 5MP sensor on the Lumia back, but it doesn't have any flash and there's no front-facing the Nokia Lumia 520 camera at all.

If you look past the fact that its a Nokia windows phone, this is the best Smartphone you can buy for the price and it is easy to use with all the features like 4g WiFi, Bluetooth, and a decent camera.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The book Cellphone Repairing Solutions Guide is now available online

Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book
Cellphone Repairing Solutions
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Social Medicine and Modern Healthcare in the Age of the Internet

Are we are all citizens medical group of "medical citizens," embedded as potential or actual time critical patients, with our physicians, insurer's, pharmaceutical companies, government bodies and others in a system of societal marketing, moral and organizational stakeholders?
new era of Social Medicine
transformed marketing

Today, with the advent of the Internet, high-speed internet bandwidth, Social Media Sites, Support Groups Online and Self-Care Protocols, patients for the first time in the history of the social medicine journal have the ability to alter the outcome of disease and illness for themselves, family members, friends and significant others.

This essay attempts to address most compelling issues for adoption of ehealth of our time. Are self-help groups and rural development and self-care methods helpful or are they challenges to the delivery of types of medical care? How do they differ and what consequences that arise from this debate?

Also, how has the advent of the Internet and social media transformed marketing the landscape of medicine? What limitations may exist in this new era of information technology in business and social communication? And to what degree do they challenge traditional medicine care models? Can a patient or their corporate advocacy become more of an expert on their own medical conditions than their own specialist physicians? The answer to this question is a resounding yes if the patient uses all the tools now available to them.

social media Medicine definition
enhance technologies Ltd

Various published estimates unanimously indicate that hundreds of thousands of patients die and millions more are injured by common medical procedures went wrong, medication errors types causes or their side effects and by medications improperly prescribed or not taken as directed by difficult patients scenarios. And it is not just the infirm that suffer, but their families, their loved one's, friends and employer who must suffer from the grief and change of lifestyle that so often comes with these mistakes.

So, what is a medical citizen to do? Turn to the Internet of course for information smartphone apps and Social Media discourse. The Internet is after all now the primary source of health & medical information (hmi) as well as social communication and health medical information system.

Learn more about how has the advent of the Internet and Social media transformed the landscape of medicine? What limitations may exist in this new era of Social Medicine

Thursday, 11 August 2016

All You Need to Know About Mobile Apps Security

In the modern day around the world today, it is mandatory for any and every person to own a great Cell phone or the latest type of Android phones so as to be sure that they are up to date with all of the current world developments of the moment. If you are a businessman or businesswoman, a college student or any other type of professional, you know that there would be no way for you to function in this overly technological world without at least one smart gadget to help you out every single day. The fast introduction of Android phones or Cell phone devices with an increased capacity to process data has lead to a quick development of mobile phone technologies and an endless number of applications in any field. As a matter of fact, it is said that there is an app for everything and even if this is true or not now, it will certainly be true in the future because the world use of mobile apps is in a constant and steady growth ever since its formation. 
fix mobile app issues
use of mobile apps
This has, in turn, lead to a large number of companies appearing in order to handle the additional issues created by the explosion of mobile phone devices and blog apps for every single type of phone. One of the most crucial and notable things to take into account is the importance of mobile app security testing and finding a trustworthy company that offers services in this field. Without further ado, here are the main aspects that one needs to take into account about the security of mobile use of apps nowadays.

Mobile Apps Development Companies

All of the mobile apps platforms are by definition a challenge to mobile app development companies which strive hard to make sure that applications are secure and safe enough to be used by corporations and individuals alike. The attacks which are occurring on mobile apps platforms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and well placed, leading to an increase in the damages they bring as well, unfortunately. In order to avoid this from happening too often, there is a large number of professional mobile app service providers which you can resort to in order to be sure that you will not have any problems with the healthcare IT security. Their solutions are focused on eliminating security threats which can only have a beneficial effect on all of the users of Cell phones who have developed an immense passion for applications, regardless of the type of device or Android phone model they use.
mobile app development companies

Advantages of Resorting Mobile App Security Company

The key benefits and advantages of resorting to a company which is focused on handling mobile app security threats and preventing them from happening are the fact that their specialists will help you figure out all of the risks posed by mobile applications development platforms either for the IOS or Android operating systems and many more additional advantages. These are, in no particular order: understanding the mobile app security technical and corporate context, assessing the privacy and security compliance needs, the review of security codes, as well as developing a well put together remediation plan and working with the designated development team in order to permanently fix mobile app issues which may occur along the way.
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Selling Broken android phone Now Easier And More Lucrative

Smartphones are the most favored electronic best gadgets 2016 around the globe. From the budgetary ones to those from the elite group, demand for Smartphones is remarkably universal. However, lifespan of these devices are limited. Newer and latest updated technology is the reason why previous versions of the devices turn obsolete on frequent basis.
Selling Broken android phone
And More Lucrative

There is no denial that Andriod devices are extremely sensitive and damage prone. A damaged Smartphone can be repaired but it turns out to be an additional living expense for every Smartphone user. However, in a recent development, a range of Smartphone type of business establishments has come into existence. These enterprises exclusively deal with the aspect of purchasing old Smartphone and used android phones. Moreover, the commercial entities readily accept latest gadgets that are broken and irreparable.

This is not the end, though. The type of information about businesses offers lucrative deals on used android phones, broken and damaged cellular mobile handsets. Easy and flexible payment modules that these type of businesses follow must be appreciated too. Money is handed over either through usual bank cheques, online transactions through PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers, depending on the choice of a smartphone user. No shipment cost involved is yet another benefit attached herewith for the android users. As soon as a deal is closed these businesses dispatch special shipment kits.

Considering the positive factors mentioned above the craze to sell my broken cell phone has gone viral. Dealing with this category of resources businesses websites is easy. To begin with one needs to log in and find one's device there. Then, one has to mention its condition in a few words. Finally the user requires quoting a price for the best gadget. The deals are closed promptly without much time being wasted. The professional data wiping procedure implemented by these entities also ensures that no confidential data, if stored in the device, ever fall into wrong hands.

On the other hand, these best electronic devices contain various toxic components. These include mercury, arsenic, lead and various other substances. These components are not only injurious to human health but also for the ecology. These type of business houses take care of the health and ecology factor as well. They ensure that the toxic components are kept far away from landfills. Undoubtedly the phenomenal business resources process truly proves to be eco-friendly.

This kind of asset recovery procedures has exclusively helped many with proper disposal of their old and used Android cellular devices. These businesses resources accept a wide range of electronic best gadgets including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPod and Tablets. Considering the convenience and the flexibility these businesses resources offer, an increasing number of users categorically opt for dealing with the category of websites.

Disposing used and defective electronic best gadgets was never easier. It was never so lucrative either. This category type of businesses is steadily gaining prominence. The range of commercial enterprises is providing an excellent solution to resolve the problem of e-waste. Volume type of business across the sector is growing at an exponential rate. Business resources for these websites is flowing in from all directions. Considering all the relevant factors it is likely that commercial prospect of these enterprises will improve further in course of time.

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The Importance of Computer Education For Tutors and Teachers

The world of today is run by computers,laptops,tablets and it is the time that Computer teachers and tutors understand this. The concept of going to a collection and studying a book is not ideal for the computer students of today.computer Learners would rather go on the internet and study into a subject on a web page rather than go and have to read an entire guide or have to skim for the aspect they are looking for. So, if you're a teacher or tutor what are you to do? Computer education for teachers is what every school needs to do.

Tutors and Teachers, and for that matter all school districts around the world, need to begin to integrate Computer technology into all classrooms and this article will tell you how.

Integrate Computers in Teaching

role of computer in education
primary secondary schools
The role of computer in education for teachers and Tutors should not be that big of a deal because all teachers who have just begun probably already know how to integrate technology into the classrooms, so you should only have to teach those who have been teaching for awhile.

How do you computer technology integration into your classrooms though? That is the question all Computer teachers and tutors are asking and here is the response. The analysis is the number one thing Computer students use the internet for. Many school college libraries and even some public libraries do not provide Computer students with the information they need on certain subjects but the world wide web will almost always have the information they need. The only problem with this is the quality of the information but Home tutors and teachers are able to check on that by looking at the footnotes of the online article to see where the information came from.

Scantron Forms

Scantron printable
integrate Computer technology
Many primary secondary schools are now having students take tests on a sheet called a Scantron or other forms of it. A Scantron printable is a sheet where you have 50 questions on each side, a total of 100 questions, and are given multiple choice questions A-E. The teacher will hand you a Scantron sheets which are where you answer the questions and a Scantron test sheet, the Scantron bubble font is only a sheet where you bubble in either A-E. The teacher then puts the answers in a computer and a special laptop machine reads the Scantron and instantly qualities the analyze off of the solutions the tutor and teacher put into the computer.

Besides research and return test papers taking there are many other ways to integrate computers and laptops into your teaching. There are now multimedia projection screens that allow you to write on them turning them basically into a whiteboard. You are able to watch movies on the multimedia projection the whiteboard screens, stop the video and draw over the movie. This is very helpful for History tutors and teachers as it allows them to teach the battles and etc.

Computer education for teachers and home tutors
Online Computer Tutor is something that all school teachers should consider because the use of computers and laptops is now becoming popular among primary secondary schools. The teachers should change with time and should equipped themselves with a basic understanding of how to integrate computers into their teaching.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Android Cell Phones in Pakistan

Android os cellular phones are the recent fad and trend that has taken over the cell cellphone buyers. These to are better known as smartphones using android technological innovation with numerous functions and applications. Android os cell phones are now the most commonly preferred cellular phones using innovative and innovative technological innovation. It has proved to be a sought after cellphone section world over with its attractive program installing facility. Android os itself is primarily an os depending on Linux system. This technique was first created by Google employee Andrew Rubin and its growing popularity has only lead to increased regular membership number.

Android in

Android Cellular Phones the Latest Popular Trends in Mobile Phone Technology

Android cellular phones provide an affordable program for installing tools and applications from the internet at without charge. One does not need to pay for applications that are offered by android and obtainable without paying anything extra. Such applications are often created by third party or those software professionals of an improvement company. These applications are created in keeping with different client requirements and are made with the help of technological innovation that will not require any certification or authorization. Such applications are again cost reasonably and reasonably to create unique applications for the android industry. Nowadays, most cell phones are in-built with such systems and cost accordingly depending on the functions.

Android cellular phones are created with a innovative technological innovation which provides the required program for various applications. Several applications can also be combined through such android program. Many-a-times, cellular growth companies use android as a program to combine applications or promote them. These to are the most popular and much in demand cellular phones of the current generation. These kinds of cellular phones are known for their multi-tasking, user-friendliness and multi-functionality. They are mainly run by the personalized design in the 2D and 3D collection created with the use of OpenGL ES 1.0.

Android cell phones are meant to make tasks easier and enable it with proper security means in the
interest of safety. These have a structure of presented applications which is used to recycling or replace the components of the device. The cellphone browser is dependent on the engine for free webkit and fitted with SQLite for saving data. These cell cellular phones are also allowed with media helpful types like audio, movie and other types for still image like MPEG4, H.264, MP3, MP4, AAC etc. Such cellular phones also had various add-on functions like 3G, Wireless, Wi-Fi, camera, GPS gps and compass on the devices.

Other important functions in these high-end, innovative devices or cell phones are storage storage potential, performance profiling, emulator, debugging tool and plug-ins. These to are marked by functions like smooth design, dual-core program processor and Amoled display. Mobile brands like Sony offer personalized functions like Timescape, texting and program installing facilities in accordance with the android program. Micromax also presents various android helpful functions like touchscreen technology, GPS navigation, android industry, indicator etc. The other stunning popular functions of such cell cellular phones RAM potential of 256MB, ROM of 512 MB, Flash, light indicator, Video Recording Resolution of 320×240 (QVGA), 16 GB extended storage, 3.5 mm jack, bluetooth, USB port etc.

Which Top Android Phone and Tablet is Suitable For You ! Figuring out find my android Phones